Bad Things for Female Fertility

Bad Things for Female Fertility

For every woman, getting pregnant and becoming mother actually can be proof that they are complete as woman. 

Nevertheless, for some women, getting pregnant becomes something which should be struggled because of the infertility issues. 

There are various factors which can be associated with infertility issue in women. 

In fact, there are some bad things which can bring bad effect to female fertility. 

Women must avoid it if they want to make sure that they do not have to get involved with infertility problem.

Alcohol should be avoided if women pay attention to their fertility because it can be associated with the sexual practices which are unsafe as well as risky. 

This condition can cause the infertility in the future. 

Liver can be harmed if women consume alcohol excessively. 

Besides alcohol, smoking is not good as well for female fertility. 

Smoking can affect the fallopian tubes movement or motility. 

In this circumstance, the eggs will find difficulty for moving through the fallopian tube.

Bad effect to female fertility can also be caused by the over exercising because it can decrease the fat in the body with unhealthy way. 

Ovary responds this by showing the function which is not normal. 

Over exercising can be caused by people want to lose weight so excessive weight loss or weight gain can also be bad for female fertility.