A Bunch of Great Benefits of Dragon Fruits for the Body Health

A Bunch of Great Benefits of Dragon Fruits for the Body Health

There are so many kinds of fruits which are really great to be consumed daily. 

Sure, actually all types of fruits are great to be consumed. 

However, each type of fruits has its own ingredients and also has its own benefits which can be obtained if we consume it regularly. 

One of the fruits which have a lot of benefits for the body is dragon fruits. 

Of course, many of you have been familiar with this kind of fruit. 

This fruit has the unique look as like the look of a dragon, especially its skin. 

With its bright colour it has a lot of goodness.

What is Inside Dragon Fruits?

When we are talking about the benefits of dragon fruits, we need to know first what we can obtain from this fruit. 

From about 100 gram of dragon fruit, we can obtain about 80 gram of water, 4 to 25mg of vitamin C, 0.5gr protein, 0.9gr fibre, 50 calories, 0.6gr fat, 10mg of calcium, and many others. 

It also consist Thiamine, riboflavin, carbohydrate, phosphor, and many more.

Benefits of Dragon Fruits

From this yummy healthy fruit of dragon fruits, that offers a lot of benefits. Some of them are:  

  1. Improving the body immune system since it is high of vitamin C.
  2. This fruit also helps to control the cholesterol level.
  3. Improve the digestion.
  4. Decrease the level of the blood sugar in people with type 2 diabetes.
  5. Preventing the free radicals since it consists of high anti-oxidants.
  6. This fruit also helps to avoid the form of the cancer cells.
  7. Improving the heart health condition.

Those are the benefits which we can obtain by consuming the dragon fruits regularly.