6 Inexpensive Foods for Your Bones

6 Inexpensive Foods for Your Bones

Have you known about the best inexpensive foods for your bones? 

Some people think that bones can be kept by consuming expensive foods, but that is a wrong assumption. 

Here some inexpensive foods to make your bones healthy:

· Spinach

This vegetable contains high calcium, so it is good for your bones. Even that is the best vegetable that consist highest calcium compares to other vegetables.

· Egg

Egg is a food needed to supply nutrition for bones because contains vitamin D.

· Garlic and onion

The both are not only making foods become so delicious, but also good for your bones.

· Sardine

Sardine contains vitamin D and calcium which is good for your bones and makes your bones healthy every time.

· Milk

Milk is the best food for your bones because consist of calcium, vitamin D, protein, potassium and also phosphor which are good for your bones.

· Vegetables and Fruits

Broccoli and fruits like tomato, papaya, orange and banana contains much potassium. Potassium is good to provide nutrients for your bones.

Now you have known about the best foods for your bones. 

So, you can consume it to get healthy bones. Be healthy people by consuming inexpensive foods for your bones.