5 Healthy Snacks You Should Try with Best Benefits

5 Healthy Snacks You Should Try with Best Benefits

Healthy snacks make one of the most helpful ways to enjoy your every meal while keeping a healthy intake daily. 

Yes, even on a diet, you still can have snacks. 

The following snacks are so tasty and fresh, yet they deliver the right amount for nutrition to keep you healthy.

Pome with Yoghurt

Pomegranate makes a nutritious food. 

Combine it with plain yoghurt and extra mint leaves for bolder taste.


You can make this from frozen yoghurt poured with coffee liqueur and hot espresso. 

½ cup of yoghurt is enough for one serving.

Honey Lime Poured Fruit Salad

This is how you enjoy fruit with bolder taste. 

Cut the fruits and pour them with a little honey and lime juice.

Rice Pudding

This is allowed for snack, and you can add spices like cinnamon, salt, and cardamom in it.


This is delicious, creamy, and fresh especially when you made it out of fruits and a little veggies.

Those snacks are made of ingredients you will easily find on local store. 

They are not expensive either and you can make it by yourself. 

Be free to combine them so you don’t get bored with the menu. 

You are allowed to have two times of healthy snacks in a day.