4 Habits Which Will Makes Your Boobs Sagging

4 Habits Which Will Makes Your Boobs Sagging

Every woman loves to have tight and beautiful breast. However, sometimes you don’t realize that you are doing habit that leads to saggy boobs. For your knowledge to keep the beauty of your breast, please avoid these habits which will make your boobs sagging.

1. Wearing Uncomfortable Bra

It is very important to wear bras which are not only suiting your boobs’ size but also comfortable and supporting the activities you are doing. The more the boobs are bumped, let say when you are running, the more stress which your breast’s skin and collagen get. Hence, you should get used of wearing a normal bra for daily activity and sport bra to exercise.

2. Not wearing sunscreen

The next habit that leads to saggy boobs is having your skin covered by sunscreen with UV protection. The UV can damage the collagen and get your skin, including the breasts’ ones, premature aging.

3. Smoking

Every cigarette you smoke weaken the skin’s age by decreasing the blood supply to your skin’s surface. Hence, smoking is practically a habit that leads to saggy boobs.

4. Yoyo Diet

Having your weight increased and decreased in a short period will make the breasts’ tissues slacker. Hence, maintaining your weight constantly will help you avoid saggy boobs.