Visiting The Orangutans Habitats In Borneo Island

Visiting The Orangutans Habitats In Borneo Island

Thinking about the destination of your summer spring break vacation?

Going to many big famous cities around the world maybe too familiar for you.

So why you don’t try to visit the new place with the new experience, for instance visiting Borneo island?

Borneo island is not very famous as favorite tourist destination.

Only few foreign tourist who love to visit the natural and amazing scenery of the unknown place, know this island.

Borneo island is very famous as the place of Orangutans habitat, this island has many green forest which use for the original habitat of Orangutans.

So, if you want to know more about the magnificence Borneo island with the fantastic animal world, Orangutans, you must decide your next vacation destination should be Borneo Island, Indonesia.

Actually, the population of Orangutans also can be found in Sumatra island, but the favorite place for tourist to visit Orangutans is Borneo island.

The presence of Orangutans now is in critical situation, in 1999, only 12.000 individuals of Orangutans that live spreadably in the big Borneo island.

So, maybe this time is your chance to see the incredible orangutan habitat before the extinct forever.

Maybe with your visit in the national park of Orangutans, you could give indirectly contribution to help the preservation of Orangutans habitat.