Various Natural Foods for Eyes Health

Various Natural Foods for Eyes Health

Foods for eyes health - Eyes are the most important part of your body.

You can see everything with your eyes, so make sure you pay attention to your eyes health.

How is the way to take care our eyes health?

It's simple, eat some foods for eyes health that will be shared here.

Egg is much recommended to be consumed for your healthy eyes.

Egg contains vitamin A, zinc, vitamin D, and other minerals.

The second food is carrot.

Carrot is trusted and well-known can be useful for increasing the eyes health.

Consume the carrot can give you the vitamin A intake and it will be good for your eyes.

Tomato is one of foods for eyes health.

Tomato is usually used in any kind of soup, salad, or pasta.

Tomato contains the vitamin C that is good for body immune and also vitamin A that will be great for your eyes.

Do you know the sunflower seed?

Have you ever eat it?

For the information, the sunflower seed is good for your eyes because it has the selenium that can help you to increase the health of your eyes.

Now, you have to be smarter to consume foods for your eyes health so you will be avoided by cataracts.