Two Important Ovarian Cancer Symptom that You Should Aware

Two Important Ovarian Cancer Symptom that You Should Aware

The major symptom from ovarian cancer is non-specific that makes the disease hard to diagnose.

However, there is two particular symptom that could be important to aware for ovarian cancer symptom that are abdominal bloating and urinating that more than ordinary.

If you wake up every day and feel a lot of pressure in abdominal and bloating, more urinating frequent, these need attention to aware for ovarian cancer.

Early detection is key for ovarian cancer.

Most of survival women with ovarian cancer confined to ovary stage 1 is greater than 90%, whereas other that spread to the cavity abdominal is or stage 3, the survival is less than 40%.

There is no simple test for ovarian cancer; therefore, it often detected in late stage.

The ovarian cancer even is unable to detect with pap smear that called for test of cervical pre cancer.

For lower your ovarian cancer risk, the best is use hormonal birth control.

Use birth control births are likely reduces women to develop ovarian cancer.

Maintain healthy diet with normal weight is important for keeping healthy and easier to notice abdominal bloating earlier rather than someone that have overweight.

In above of all, listen to your body with abdominal pressure and urinating frequency.