Tips to Calculating Risk Factors of Heart Disease

Tips to Calculating Risk Factors of Heart Disease

Many people are still confused to calculate the risk factors of heart disease. 

There are several factors that will make a person's heart disease is higher. 

Here's how to calculate the risk factors that will make your heart disease:

1. you need to see a doctor to find out how big your risk for heart disease. 

Doctors can perform a variety of tests to determine how much your risk for this disease. 

The first thing the doctor is to check your blood pressure. 

Then, the doctor will submit the results of the blood samples to the laboratory to check your risk of heart disease.

2. In addition, to calculate these risk factors then you can pay attention to your age. 

If you have not aged over 30 years it is very rare for heart disease. 

But this does not mean you cannot heart disease altogether. 

You can check to the doctor to make sure.

3. Next, you also need to pay attention to cholesterol levels in your body. 

You can determine whether your heart disease or not to pay attention to this cholesterol levels.

4. You can also pay attention to the levels of diabetes in yourself. 

If you have diabetes then your chances for heart disease will be higher. 

For that, you must know how to count and avoid the risk factors of heart disease.