Tips and Trick to Preserve the Healthy Eyes

Tips and Trick to Preserve the Healthy Eyes

Some people directly go to the doctor to preserve and maintain the eyes.

As the fact, there are many easy tricks to preserve the healthy eyes.

Due to have the healthy eyes, just maintain the distance reading books, watching TV, and do the other activities.

Many people often read books with a distance that ever noticed. Now therefore, book lovers wear glasses.

The most ideal distance to avoid the eyes of the risk of nearsightedness is 30 cm.

In addition to reading books, long time in watching television and the do task in front of the computer can also cause eye damage if the distance is not set.

The proper distance to move in front of the computer is 50 cm.

Don’t rub the eyes. If the eyes feel itch, don’t rub the eyes because the hands is dirty.

To relieve the itch in the eyes, use the eye drop.

The eyes will not expose with gems and bacteria so they will be not irritated. Rest the eyes is the best treatment to maintain the healthy eyes.

Give pause for some minutes not to read books or doing the activity in front of the computer.

This simple treatment gives the great effect to the eyes.

By doing so, the eyes will be healthier and avoid the danger of eye disease such as minus, plus, cylinder, and many more.