The Ways of Exercises to Affect the Eating Habit

The Ways of Exercises to Affect the Eating Habit

When you can keep eating healthily and exercising, you can maintain your healthy weight well.

Even you have had regular exercise every day, you can’t have ideal weight if you don’t manage your eating habit well.

However, the regular exercise will also affect your eating habits both physically and psychologically.


According to the American Journal of Physiology in 2021, regular exercise will cause the appetite stimulating hormone level increasing.

The study of Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism in 2021 also proved that women could lose 1.3 pounds and 18% increased appetite after having exercise regularly within a year.

Over Eating after Exercises

Based on many studies, exercising also can affect the people to overeat something after they have the exercises.

The studies proved that many people get much more calorie intakes after they exercising hours.

The reactions of each person are different.

Most women get more energy intake after exercise, but most men consume the same amount of energy after burning it through exercising.

Sufficient Time of Exercising

Too much exercising tends to make someone feeling lack of much energy so he/ she will eat much more then.

Just have the 30 minutes exercise that will not affect your appetite.

Otherwise, having exercise intensely in some weeks or even months will make you get overtraining syndrome that loses the appetite.