The Truth about Rhino

The Truth about Rhino

Rhino, the Rhinoceros, is an animal that belongs to family of Rhinocerotidae.

The two most are living species in Africa: the black and white rhinos.

In animal world, most rhinos live in central and east Africa, in the countries like Kenya, Cemroon, South-Africa, Tanzania, Namibia as well as Zimbabwe.

White rhino is the square-lipped one but it is not physically white in color.

This is also the case of black rhino while its appearance is not black.

Both rhinos are whitish and grayish.

In fact the black rhino is named so because people want to differentiate it from the white one.

The color of black rhino is completely grey.

What makes this animal looks black is when it flounder in ditches and water that are coated it with mud.

The black rhino loves to play in muddy but the facts also show that it drink clean water as well as visits the same clean water sports.

The black rhino can be spotted easily in east Africa.

As a mammal, it can grow to about 4.5 feet high and 14 feet long with a weight usually more than 3,850 pounds.

Most rhinos are identified by their two prominent horns.

Today, the black rhino is an endangered species probably because it feeds on thousands of plants so that it is difficult to deal with.