The Struggle of Desperate Lions

The Struggle of Desperate Lions

Owen Newman, the cameraman of BBC, in 2021 had made an observation on a pride of lions in Serengeti plains in Africa.

The experience did not only give us much more knowledge about the pride in animal world, but also gave much emotional touch to Owen for witnessing the whole story on how the pride tried with a big effort to survive.

In fact, in the wild animal world, there are habits that we need to know, and this touching story may remind us about conserving the animals well.

Owen in his experience for the period found out that lions only hunted within their territory and limited it in some ranges.

When the wildebeest left, the pride did not follow.

They stayed just at the same are and there they would try to survive.

Owen’s film observed how the Ndutu pride that had 7 cubs struggled for food and water.

The cubs dwindled from seven to four, and the bad physical condition of the cubs did affect Owen deeply.

He had never seen such a thin cub.

In the end, with more struggle of emotion in the observation, he saw a beautiful end when the wildebeest returned and the two cubs he once had thought as died, appeared.