The Evolution of Giraffe

The Evolution of Giraffe

Etymologically, the word 'giraffe' originally came from Arabic: ziraafa or zurapha.

This word appeared in English since about the 16th century.

During the time, giraffe is called in the lingua Italiana dialect as giraffa.

While the scientific name camelopard taken from the Roman name, it is mean that this animal has a characteristic combination both of a leopard and a camel.

Camelopard word may have a somewhat unique case.

This word first appeared in the 14th century and is widely used to refer to the “giraffe” until the 19th century.

On he other side, Giraffes are included in Giraffidae family, which in this type, there are only two species, one is giraffe and the other is Okapi.

Giraffes are believed to evolve from an animal that resembles the antelope and has a length of about 3 meters, scattered around Asia and Europe 30 to 50 million years ago.

Type giraffe earliest known is Climacoceras which have similarities to the deer.

This animal has undergone evolution that took place over millions of years until it reaches the form as we know it today.

In the animal world, the giraffe is the first species that identified by Linnaeus in 1978.

At that time, he gave the binomial name: Cervus camelopardalis which recorded on his book Systema Naturae.