Personal Hygiene For Health Benefit

Personal Hygiene For Health Benefit

Personal hygiene is referring to comprehensive cleaning and caring your body care. 

This includes bathing, washing and brushing hands, brush teeth and wear clean clothing.

Benefit of Personal Hygiene

The hygiene practices can lead to health benefit and social benefit.

· Health benefit is combat and prevent illness.

· In any cultures, poor personal hygiene is signs for poor illness. Care for personal hygiene can reduce body odor and improve personal appearance.

Type of personal hygiene

· Body hygiene includes take bath twice day use soap will wash away dirt and bacteria that lead to body odor.

· Hair hygiene includes hair shampooing and massage scalp will wash away il build up, dirt and dead skin cells.

· Hand and feet hygiene includes washing hands and feet helping to ward off the bacteria and virus spread. Wash your hands before prepare food and eating.

· Grooming practices in reduce the risk for collect dead skin cells and sweat underclothes into your skin.

· Oral hygiene are includes brushing teeth twice and floss your teeth once a day. This will clean and clear away food particles and plaque.

· Sleep. Establish the bedtime set and awakening time are able to improve sleep hygiene. Take naps are able to promote higher quality sleep.