Orangutan Loss Their Home

Orangutan Loss Their Home

Forest is a big natural place where the animals grow and live their life.

Frest is also a place where food chain happens.

But, if we cannot keep the forest, it will happen the unbalanced of ecosystem especially in animal world.

They will lose their home, lose their foods.

Forest, here, as a place where one of rare animals in the world live.

It is Orangutan.

If the trees in the forest are cut, how is the life of Orangutan?

A place where they should be has been destroyed by our own bad manner for our own interests.

For example, we cut the trees and then we use them to build houses or export the trees to foreign country.

In Kalimantan, where we can find a lot of Orangutan, this animal has arrived to the residents and they have been very disturbing residents.

They damage corps the property of the residents.

Why does something like this happen?

You should ask yourself.

If your home is taken by a person, what will you do?

The same thing happens to Orangutan.

Because of losing their home, they will find another home.

So, do not cut the trees, save our forest and let the animals live.