Orangutan and Human

Orangutan and Human

Long time ago, Charles Darwin said that there was a missing link between man and apes family.

From his research and experiment, Darwin found a conclusion that human is still Orangutan’s relative.

In the animal world, Darwin’s theory will not create any chaos or confusion but in human world many people do not agree with this theory.

After Darwin announced his theory, many people try to find the truth or proof on this theory.

They compete to take an examination and observation on ape’s family especially Orangutan to be compared with human.

There are many results of their test but most of them, whether they like it or not, said that human has close relation with them.

There are many similar characteristics between human and Orangutan.

Both of them are mammals, both of them are social living creatures which means, both of them cannot survive without others.

Both man and Orangutan has hair in their body and both of them eat using their hands.

The important thing that differentiates between man and Orangutan is man not only has brain, but also has manner, while Orangutan only use their sense.

They cannot choose what is right or wrong in this life.