More about Brown King Snake

More about Brown King Snake

The biggest species of snakes that has identified is the Brown King snake that has 76-135 cm in length.

In animal world, this kind of snake is regarded secretive.

Under a log, under rocks or in brush will this snake be curled-up customarily.

In woodland the snake can be found dotting hillsides.

Between June and July annually the females of brown king will nest.

A female can give around 5 -20 eggs to be lied in an underground space.

After roughly 7-12 weeks the eggs of brown king snakes will start hatching during August or September.

The young of brown king snakes usually are 20-30 cm in length.

This snake also has other different names such as the Blotched Kingsnake, the Mole Snake or the Mole catcher.

At night they can be spotted regularly crossing roads.

When seen out in a field, due to their diverse names they have, brown king snakes are often confused with the common brown ones.

However, if we look closer, we can see that the brown king Snakes actually have dissimilar color to the common brown snakes as they have orange brown blotches and in addition the later have actually smaller heads.

These snakes are able to eat other snakes that are poisonous.