Lions in their Edge of Living

Lions in their Edge of Living

Lion is known as the only truly social cats while the other cat species would usually come in solitary existence.

The king of the jungle is the symbol of courage, nobility, and it is often called as the king of the jungle.

Unfortunately, the kings are now under the threat of extinction due to the narrower habitat for the human boom population as well as being the hunting trophies, both for medical and magical power.

They live in most sub-saharan Africa and a little part of India today, with significant decrease of amount every year.

Dereck and Beverly Joubert, a couple of conservationists as well as adventurers that have been living in the middle of Bostwana jungles since years ago told National Geographic how lions would be in the real extinction in the next 15 years if they are not conservated well from today.

In fact, their amount is decreasing a lot. In 1960, the population of lion in the wild life was about 400.000.

Today, their population globally is only about 20.000.

Of course, this amount is obviously a bad news for animal world, that shows such a significant decrease, which can be counted as about 95%.

Thus, there shall be more conservations established for lions right now.