LDL vs HDL: Watch Your Cholesterol Level Well

LDL vs HDL: Watch Your Cholesterol Level Well

To watch cholesterol level, you have to know how to read the number.

Basically, there are three kind of cholesterols the LDL, HDL, and triglycerides.

LDL is the low density lipoprotein-cholesterol or the cholesterol that is known as the bad cholesterol.

When the result of cholesterol test is more than 190, it means the cholesterol level is very high. People with very high cholesterol level has very high risk to get heart attack.

LDL is contained in fried food and fatty meats.

HDL is the high density lipoprotein-cholesterol that is also called good cholesterol.

You need to keep HDL number high for HDL will help your body lowering LDL.

HDL also keeps the elasticity of your artery.

To get more HDL you can consume peanuts, beans, fish, and avocado.

The last is the triglycerides or the fat which is carried by your food.

Your body will turn extra calories, sugar, and alcohol into triglycerides that makes you look fat and increase the LDL.

To lower the triglycerides level, it is suggested for you to cut simple carbs and exercise more.

Eat more fiber and healthy fruits and green vegetable will also be very helpful to lower LDL and triglyceride level.