Indonesian Tiger

Indonesian Tiger

In animal world, cat is an animal which has so many relatives.

The size of its relatives can be much bigger than itself.

For example, you can try to compare the size of pet cat to the size of the relatives of cat which live in the wild, such as lion, tiger, leopard, cheetah, and so on.

The size is of course very different isn’t it?

Tiger, which is also included in the relatives of cat, divided into several types in Indonesia.

It is actually divided into three different types.

The first is the Javanese Tiger, the second is the Sumatran Tiger, and the third is the Balinese Tiger.

Although there are three types of Indonesian tiger, the most known Indonesian tigers are the Javanese Tiger and the Sumatran Tiger.

The physical appearance of Indonesian tigers is similar from one to another.

It makes common people often have difficulties in differentiate it.

The thing which is unfortunate is that those tigers are now endangered.

It will be possible for them to be extinct soon if people do not concern about taking care of the rest of Indonesian tiger.

It is the job for all of us to do so that the extinction of these gorgeous animals will never happen.