How Women Heart Attack Symptoms are Differ From Men Heart Attack

How Women Heart Attack Symptoms are Differ From Men Heart Attack

Women heart attack symptoms are likely quite different from men.

Many people are unaware of heart attack that happen to women are less different from general men heart attack.

Both Men and Women symptom of Heart Attack

Both of men and women share these symptom when they get heart attack.

· Squeezing chess pain or feeling pressure
· There are shortness of breath
· Sweating
· Chest feel tightens
· Pain that spreads into shoulders, neck, jaw and arm
· Heartburn feeling or indigestion with nausea or vomiting
· Dizziness or brief loss of consciousness

Women Heart Attack More Likely Occur

In women, they are likely to have symptoms such as;

· Gas like pain or indigestion
· Dizziness or nausea
· Unexplained fatigue or weakness
· Discomfort or pain between shoulder
· Impending doom sense

Action plan when seeing heart attack

When you see heart attack, it is important for you to call 911 or doctor immediately.

Provide one aspirin tablet to chew for the sufferer.

Aspirin will help to reduce the blood clots that happen in heart arteries.

If the heart attack sufferer is not breathing, give her CPR.

It is important for take heart attack sufferer for go to hospital since the longer heart attack treated, there will be higher risk of death.