How to Stay Away of Garter Snakes

How to Stay Away of Garter Snakes

With the snakes we live in the same world.

We have to survive everyday just like they do by feeding, reproducing.

And just like us, humans, snakes can be very aggressive if their safety is threatened.

Although snakes usually have poisonous venoms, still the notion that they are always frightening is wrong.

In animal world, it is known that all animals including snakes become aggressive, dangerous, and deadly usually due to strong reasons.

In North America, animals that are particularly found there in a great number are Garter snakes.

In the United States and Canada they are considered as the most widely spread reptiles due to their high population.

No wonder if these snakes often interfere with humans daily activities that cause possibly harms to us.

If you may find one in your neighboring place or lawn, it is important to quick identify if it is garter snake or not.

If the snake has brown or emerald green color along with two long stripes as well as a lighter color on the back then it must be a garter snake.

To stay away of Garter snakes then you will have to remove their mimic habitat around your place.

You should regularly mow your lawn and trim your bush.

These snakes feed on toads, rodents, fish and lizards.

Make your house to be less favorable for these snakes to stay away from them.