How to Keep Heart to Make it Healthy

How to Keep Heart to Make it Healthy

Have you known how to keep heart to make it healthy? 

Heart is important organ in our body that should be kept every time. 


Without heart, we can’t live healthy. 

When there is damage or disease in the heart, we will suffer so much. 

So, try to keep your heart to get healthy body. 

Here some tips to keep your heart:

1. Stop Sm*king

Sm*ker has higher risk to get heart attack than unsm*ker. 

So, try to stop this habit if you love your heart. 

And if you are unsm*ker, you should avoid the sm*ker because it can endanger yourself.

2. Reduce the consumption of salt. 

Salt can cause high blood pressure and increase the risk of heart attack. 

So, try to reduce the consumption of it to get healthy heart.

3. Do simple exercise like walking or cycling. 

It makes your heart always strong.

4. Try to smile or laugh. 

It makes your mood become so good. 

Sometime depression or stress can cause bad effect to your heart. 

By smiling or laughing you can forget many problems and keep your heart.

5. Consume much fruits and vegetables that are needed by your heart. 

You can consume spinach and avocado routinely to get healthy heart.

Well, those are some information for you about how to keep your heart to make it healthy. 

So, you can follow the tips above and try to do it routinely to get healthy heart. 

Hopefully the article about how to keep heart above will be useful for you.