Here Are Some Signs That Body Is Leak of Carbohydrate

Here Are Some Signs That Body Is Leak of Carbohydrate

There are some main nutrition that is needed by human body to help the metabolism in body and the other system of the body.

Among that important nutrition, one of them is carbohydrate.

It is as the source of energy in human body and helps the metabolism in human body.

Therefore leak of carbohydrate will ruin the system of human body and make it in bad condition of health.

Many people think that carbohydrate is the source of the problem that makes people over weight.

Therefore many people avoid carbohydrate and just consume in small amount of it and even do not consume it at all.

This will not be good for the body and may cause serious effect.

Therefore you need to pay attention when your body is leak of carbohydrate.

How do you know that your body is leak of carbohydrate?

There are some signs of leak of carbohydrate that you need to know.

The first one, when your body leak of carbohydrate, you will find that your breathing has bad smell, the next sign of leak of carbohydrate is often falling when exercise.

It is because the source of energy is empty and body will use protein as replacement for running the function of muscle.

The other signs are forgetful and cannot control emotions.