Great Health Benefits of Eggs

Great Health Benefits of Eggs

What is the most popular choice for breakfast?

Eggs can be the answer of this question.

Of course eggs are not only used in breakfast because it is also used as ingredient for various kinds of foods.

Some people think that they should not eat eggs because it is high in cholesterol.

In fact, cholesterol from the foods that people eat will not impact the cholesterol level in the blood.

Eggs have great health benefits for sure.

Not Too High Calories

The great thing which can be found from eggs is that it does not contain too high calories.

People only consume about 80 calories per egg.


Eggs become the great source for choline.

It is nutrient which is important for promoting the healthy cell membranes which can be found all over the body.

It is also crucial for supporting the memory as well as mental function.

Vitamin D

Some vitamin D can also be found from eggs.

It is useful for the calcium utilization and absorption.

Folate and Riboflavin

Eggs also contain vitamin B-complex especially riboflavin and folate.

They are great support for body metabolism since it is needed for converting the foods they eat into energy.

Eggs also comes with vitamin A, vitamin E, and selenium.