Get Healthy And Moist Skin Like Japanese Women With Rice Mask

Get Healthy And Moist Skin Like Japanese Women With Rice Mask

Healthy skin is a dream for every woman in the world.

If you have a healthy skin, then you will get radiated beauty.

Healthy skin is obtained by treating the body from the outside and the inside.

Treatment from outside that can be done by consuming water every day, healthy foods like fruits and vegetables, and exercise regularly.

Benefits Of Rice Mask

Treatment from the outside can be done by using rice mask.

Rice is the secret of Japanese women to maintain healthy skin.

It turns out they always use rice water to wash their face.

Rice can brighten the skin and make the pores shrink.

Water rice contains many antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals that can make your skin fresher.

Essential ingredients in rice are oryzanol which serves to ward off ultraviolet rays into the skin.

How To Make Rice Mask

The materials are rice, milk, and honey. Wash rice with water.

Then cook the rice to a boil and let stand for 10 minutes. then strain the water.

Mix with milk and honey. Allow to cool and apply to the face until it dries.

Repeat this method on a regular basis to make your skin become bright, youthful, healthy and moist.