Food as the Headache Trigger

Food as the Headache Trigger

What is headache trigger?

This is the common question from people who always get headache.

The headache cause which is had by every people may be different.

But generally there are some common trigger which causes headache such as stress, lifestyle, and food.

Even so, the sensitivity of every people will be different to the food they eat.

Even so, there are two common trigger which causes headache which is related to food.

The influence of dietary habit

The first headache trigger which will cause headache is the dietary habit. 

This includes two major that is the food which will cause headache and the bad eating habit such as late for eating or less of the nutrition which is needed by body.

The food which causes headache

There are some foods which can causes headache.

You may have sensitivity toward some foods and as the result it makes you have headache.

The foods which will make headache are food which contains caffeine, cheese which contains a lot of tiramine, food which has a lot of dye and nitrate.

Moreover, some people will have headache if they eat ice cream or cold water.

It is because their body is sensitive toward cold.

So, you may avoid the food which is headache trigger.