Fish are Amazing Animals

Fish are Amazing Animals

Fish are great swimmers.

The habitat is under the water.

They spend the whole life in the water world.

They can only live in the place with much water supply.

Fish also breathe.

They do not look like other animals or human that breathes through the nose.

The fish have two gills on their head.

The gills are used to breathe.

Fish have scales around the body.

They also have paired fins and unpaired fins.

The animal world is a very amazing world.

There are many animal species that you can find on the land and under the water.

Some are seen flying on the air.

Fish are the amazing animals.

The types of the fish depend on the habitats and characteristics.

Some major examples that we all have known are the freshwater fish, tropical fish, marine fish and aquarium fish.

Besides those examples, we can also find other various types of fish.

It seems a hard work to make the list.

Some of fish species are able to be consumed but some are not.

Fish are one of the best protein sources.

That is why people love fishing.

They spend the time for fishing at the river bank, lake or ocean.

Besides for having something to eat for dinner, they do fishing as a hobby.