Culture Interaction between Giraffes and Humans

Culture Interaction between Giraffes and Humans

Interaction between giraffes and humans has occurred in a long time.

In plain view, the giraffe is an animal that can be enjoyed when someone visits the zoo.

However, in another specific case, especially in cultures, the giraffe is considered as a special animal that has certain advantages.

In Arabic poetry, for example, the giraffe is known as the queen among the animals, while at the same time, the animal was awarded the title “special pets” by the eastern Sultan.

In animal world, during antiquity, the giraffe is also known as the beast that is valued by the people, Pompey maintain ten of these animals in Stage Theater in ancient Roman times.

Nevertheless, these animals have been forgotten by those who live in the Middle Ages, although legend about the giraffe is always told by Arab explorers.

In 1486 in Florence, Italy, Medici Giraffe is kind of giraffe which was introduced by Lorenzo de'Medici.

At that time, the excitement going on there and soon became famous giraffe and a spectacle many people for being the first giraffe can be seen since ancient Roman times.

In the literary world, the word "giraffe" is a novel written by J.M. Ledgard.

His work focuses its story on a real incident in which 49 giraffes were slaughtered in 1979 in the Czech Republic because it was considered as animal disease spreaders.

From the examples above, the relationship between giraffes and humans were not limited to the zoo alone, but extends into other areas such as culture and Everyday Life.