Cancer symptoms that people most Ignore

Cancer symptoms that people most Ignore

Cancer is chronic disease that sometimes has hidden symptom that common early signs cancer not aware.

Based on Cancer Research UK, there are half of adults that experienced alarm bell could mean cancer and there are 2% from believed cancer as possible cause.

First sign is persistent cough or hoarseness.

The consistent cough that accompanied with blood also definitely condition that need to concern.

The persistent cough can evaluated as lung cancer.

Next is persistent change in bowel habit.

If you find that your bowel movement as not easy as the previous one or the stools appears larger from normal, or it is going deformed, this could be signs of colon cancer.

Next is persistent change in bladder habit and persistent unexplained pain.

If there is blood appears in urine, it able indication for bladder or kidney cancer as it also common for tract urine infection.

Most pain is not signs of cancer, but with persistent pain, it must check.

Next is change in mole appearance. Spotting or melanoma mark can care for skin cancer.

A sore that does not heal for more than 3 week should check to doctor for carcinoma possibility.

Unexpected bleeding such as va9!nal bleeding that outside from normal period can sign of ovarian or cervical cancer, bleeding from rectum can signs for colon cancer.

The Unexplained weight loss can be concern serious medical problem.

The unexplained lump and difficulty swallowing are the last signs that need to check.