Between Rhino and Cow

Between Rhino and Cow

There is a book entitled Rhinoceros Success written by Scott Alexander.

This book spawned the analogy of rhinos and the cows.

However, the facts show more interesting things between rhino and cow in animal world.

Here we will talk about it.

In the contrast of what the book tells about rhino, the animal in fact is strong, thick-skinned, single-minded and determined.

Rhino even has a reputation as a highly tempered animal.

In other words, this animal is very aggressive and it is due to its low eyesight.

Rhino likes to play both in mud and clean water.

The sad thing is that the animal is now critically endangered species.

On the other hand, the cow is peaceful, oblivious and serene animal that waits either to get slaughtered or milked.

What is in the book is not a perfect analogy although still the story gives pause to our thought.

Today, some cows maybe can learn on how to because rhinos.

This can truly happen despite the book story about cow and rhino.

If you were a restless typed- cow you should start to do a little homework.

A question is left about how can you start to nurture the “seeds of rhino qualities” that resides in you?