5 Cholesterol Fighting Foods to Add on Your Meal

5 Cholesterol Fighting Foods to Add on Your Meal

Cholesterol fighting foods should be your help in keeping the cholesterol level low while you can enjoy nice meal every time too.

This may sound impossible, but the following foods are highly recommended by experts and doctors.

You should try to combine them on your meal menu.


Two servings of this on your next six weeks breakfast is more than enough to reduce up to 5.3%.

R3d W!n3 

A glass or two in a day should be enough to cut those cholesterol levels.

It means your dinner will be nice anyway.


The Omega 3 is the one who makes the most work.

Beside salmon, you can also try the other fatty fishes.

Almonds and Cashews

They make perfect snacks for you.

For impacting health effect, you should keep your portion to 1.5 ounces a day.


Drink a lot of tea will reduce the level fast.

Black tea makes the best choice to reduce 10% in merely three weeks.

Those foods are not hard to find on your nearby local store.

In addition to it, they are great ingredients to add on your meal.

If you need to adapt for a while, you may try adding them on your recipe.

Gradually add them and you will love those cholesterol fighting foods without you realizing it.