5 Acne-fighting Vitamin

5 Acne-fighting Vitamin

Have you ever known about acne-fighting vitamins?

Actually, a vitamin is good for your health and also good for your skin.

Some vitamins also help you to prevent acne.

But, you may not know the type of vitamin and the type of food that contain it.

So, here are some information for you.

Vitamin can be found from the food that contains much nutrition that is good for health.

Here are the vitamins that prevent acne:

1. Vitamin A

Vitamin A can fight the acne by decreasing oil production and tightening the protective issues. You can find vitamin A from fruit, butter, fish, and egg.

2. Vitamin B2

It is good for your skin because can keep skin’s health, nail and also hair. You can get the vitamins from beans, soya beans, milk, spinach and mushroom.

3. Vitamin B6

It is good to fight skin bacteria. You can find the vitamins from garlic, wheat and rice.

4. Vitamin C

It produces collagen which is good for skin. You can get the vitamin from orange, tomato, broccoli, lemon, paprika and other vegetable and fruit.

5. Vitamin E

It is good to avoid aging and also prevent acne. You can find Vitamin E from green beans, sunflower seeds and olives.

Those are acne-fighting vitamins that are useful for your skin face.

So, you can consume it to avoid acne.

By consuming acne-fighting vitamins, you will have healthy skin and be confident because of it.