3 Types of Foods to Avoid If You Have Anemia

3 Types of Foods to Avoid If You Have Anemia

Anemia refers to a condition if your red blood cells have lack ability in carrying oxygen into parts of the body.

This blood disorder might happen due to genetic factor or lack of nutrients which are needed by blood such as iron and vitamin B12.

The needs of those nutrients can be influenced by foods.

Hence, there are foods to avoid by anemia sufferer.

Foods containing tannin are not good for those who have anemia.

Tannin can hamper the absorption of iron from the foods such as leafy vegetables and legumes.

Tannin can be found in wide variety of foods such as green and black tea, coffee, wine, and corn.

People with anemia are also better to avoid gluten.

Gluten also can interfere the absorption of iron in the intestines.

There are a number of foods with gluten content such as wheat, oats, barley, and other grain products.

Foods containing phytic acid are other foods to avoid by anemia sufferer.

Phytic acid will create binding with iron in the digestion process so that it cannot be easily absorbed by the body.

This kind of acid most likely are found in foods containing high fiber such as whole-grain carb sources, nuts, and brown rice.