3 Healthy Foods You Must Eat to Help Boosting and Improving Your Memory

3 Healthy Foods You Must Eat to Help Boosting and Improving Your Memory

Adding memory-boosting food to your daily menu is very important. 

Your brain needs to work properly if you want to have a good memory. 

Therefore, you must pick your food carefully and make sure that you eat enough nutrition to empower your brain. 

If you want to improve your memory and preventing Alzheimer and dementia at the same time, here are 3 powerful foods you must eat.


Avocado contains monounsaturated fats, Omega 3 and Omega 6 that will help lowering the cholesterol and enhance blood circulation to the brain. 

These good fats will help cleaning your blood vessel and in result, lowering your risk of suffering stroke.

Oily Fishes

Oily fishes like tuna, trout and salmon contains high amount of Omega 3 which is very beneficial in controlling cholesterol level in your body. 

You must eat these fishes regularly since our body can’t produce Omega 3 naturally. 

Oily fishes also contain EPA and DHA that have been proven to lower the risk of Alzheimer.


The flavonoid in blueberry is an amazing nutrient for your brain. 

It will help accelerating the communication process between neurons. 

The anti-oxidative components that really effective in preventing Alzheimer and dementia give this berry its reputation as a perfect memory-boosting food.