4 Healthy Snacks for Your Hungry Tummy

4 Healthy Snacks for Your Hungry Tummy
4 Healthy Snacks for Your Hungry Tummy

Snacking is obviously needed and it is pretty hard for us to make it as healthy as possible.

We tend to take processed food or fat for snack.

The following snacks are different.

They are made of fresh ingredients with high nutrition and are completely healthy.

Check it out.

Pear with Roast Beef

You should try eating half of pear with three slices of roast beef covered with sour cream and several herbs you like.

Beet Chips

One cup of beet chips should be enough and you can dip it with non fat yoghurt mixed with curry powder.

It’s crunchy and tasty.

Crackers and Bananas

Take just two crispy crackers and sliced a small banana for topping.

Cover your crackers with chocolate hazelnut jam and one tablespoon is enough.

Celery Stick and Ham

Wrap your celery sticks with ham. You only need around six sticks and three slices of ham.

Dip it on mustard mixed with ground whole grain.

Snacking is naturally a little bit tricky.

It should be enough to bridge between two meals so it can’t be too much as well.

These ideas are a lot more fun and far more delicious than merely almonds or salad.

If you are tired of being too strict or too lose on your snack, you should adopt these ideas.